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Riverside Gets A 

Wingfield Net

The club invests in the future of tennis

Those who attended last years AGM may remember watching a presentation from Mike about the Wingfield net. The Wingfield net is a piece of technology which uses sensors and AI to give players information on their game which had previously only been possible through Hawkeye style technology, which was far too expensive for amateur sports clubs. 


The net has two cameras/sensors on the net post which track just about everything you could want to know about your tennis. It monitors everything from the speed of your shots and where they bounced to detailed statistical insights into match play such as your win percentage depending on where you serve to. There is also a camera at the back of the court which films your session and links to the stats. For example you can rewatch all of your errors to see what you're doing wrong - or more importantly rewatch your best shots! 


Following discussions at committee meetings and feedback from members at the AGM it was decided that the club should look into bringing the technology to Riverside. We had an online demo from the Wingfield team where they talked us through everything that the ent can do and what we would need to do from our end to get it up and running. We then went to Winchester to try the Technology for ourselves. Mike, Carolyn, Hari and George spent a morning trying out the net and it's many features. 


IMG-8031 (1).jpg

Mike, Hari and George with the Wingfield net.

D23E851A-F038-4FC1-ADA5-31ADA58FC2D7 (1).jpg

George and Carolyn trying out a drill mode.

The project has accelerated other developments which the club had in mind. In particular the club now has WI-FI which we wanted to get to encourage people to use our clubhouse more. With talks in Development Committee meetings about renovating the clubhouse we hope to make this a space where people love to hang out. We also needed to get an electricity supply to Court 4 which also opens up the possibility of using a ball machine on that court. The ball machine and the drill modes on the Wingfield net provides a great experience for solo players working on their game!  


The project was funded by the profits generated from the coaching team - who were keen to reinvest back into the club and into their players development. Just weeks into having the technology the coaching team are already seeing huge benefits. The combination of detailed statistics and video analysis have helped players to better understand their own games and how to improve. 


To learn more about how to use the Wingfield net and it's different modes check out our blog post! 


Hari and Carlos using the new Wingfield net.


Find out about the different modes on the blog post.

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Riverside X Wingfield

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