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Fixtures & Results 


Our internal Floodlight League competition is a popular way for members of Riverside to play competitive yet fun tennis throughout the winter! It runs annually from October to March. It includes players from all abilities divided in teams of four – A, B, C and D players.  On the day there are three rounds to be played, each round consisting of two sets of doubles.    


If you are unable to view the fixtures, results and tables by clicking the button below, you will need to set up a Google Account and sign in.

floodlight league winners.jpg

Congratulations to our Part One winners from left to right: Steve, Hillary, Nicky and Gordon.

Congratulations to our Part Two winners from left to right: Carlos, Nikita, Sarah and Steve.




If you need a replacement for a match, it is your responsibility (not your team leader’s) to arrange one. 

The Tournament Committee provide a list of allocated reserves for each floodlight league date. You should:

  1. In the first instance, ask the 1st reserve for your category for that date - see the allocated reserve list.

  2. If the 1st reserve cannot replace you, contact the 2nd reserve (if there is one) on the allocated reserve list.

  3. If they cannot play either, then you should contact any reserve in your category. Failing that – ask any player or reserve in your own or a lower category.

  4. When you have arranged a replacement, notify your team leader.


If you are forced to drop out of the league, or cannot play for 3 or more consecutive matches, notify your team leader, and contact the Tournament Committee who will arrange for a suitable replacement.

The Tournament Committee will monitor reserve selection. If the procedures are not followed, the Committee will take what they deem to be appropriate action and may deduct points from teams in breach of the procedures.



You are under the spotlight – please be SEEN to be keeping your distance from other players. This is structured play – you are in a distanced group of four, then, when both matches finish, you switch to become another distanced group of four. Make sure that at no time you look like a larger group than that. Most importantly, if you LOOK like you are doing the right thing, you will be doing the right thing – keeping yourself and others safe.



Play starts at 7pm on Wednesdays/Thursdays and 5pm on Sundays.   Please arrive promptly and go straight onto court– when there are 2 matches please see the fixture list to see if your team is on courts 1&2 or 3&4. If you will be delayed by more than 5 minutes, contact your team leader to tell them when you are likely to arrive (see Late Arrival section for the procedure if you haven’t arrived by 7.05pm on weekdays or 5.05pm on Sundays). 



1st round    AC  v  AC BD  v  BD

2nd round   AD  v  AD BC  v  BC

3rd round   AB  v   AB CD  v  CD

Each round is 8 games with a sudden death 2nd deuce (category to category ie C serves to C etc) – change ends after 4 games.  This way it is possible to end in a draw at 4-4.



Each player/reserve pays £4 per match (£3 for juniors). To avoid handling cash, we are offering to run a ‘tab’ – pay a lump sum upfront (you choose how much) and top it up whenever you need to - you can use it for tournaments, club matches, coaching and floodlights.  Reserves may like to pay after each match or they can also pay in advance. 

Please keep your own records – pay promptly and/or and make sure that your tab doesn’t run out of funds.

Failure to pay may make you ineligible for future matches.


Payment should be made by BACS (or regular standing order if you prefer) to the club account:-


Riverside Lawn Tennis Club

Sort code: 40-40-14

Account no: 20701726


Please put TAB (or FLIT if you just want to pay as you go) as the reference, plus your name, if it is not clear from your account name who you are. 


KEY HOLDERS Please arrive by 6.55pm (4.55pm on Sundays) and:

  1. Switch the floodlights on.

  2. Switch the floodlights off as soon as play on a court has finished.

  3. Padlock the courts and ensure all doors are locked at the end of the evening. 



  1. Take one tube of balls to each match – these do not need to be brand new but must be acceptable to everyone.

  2. Follow the Late Arrival / No Show procedure if necessary. (To avoid this, it may help to remind your team about the match, asking for confirmation that they are playing.)

  3. Each Team Leader to fill out the scoresheet.  Please email or text a photo of the completed sheet to sarahgeorgexx@gmail.com or 07598 230644.



Team Leaders have discretion if there are unavoidable circumstances. However, unless both team leaders agree a different approach before 7.05pm (or 5.05pm), the following rule applies: If a player has not arrived by 7pm, the team leader should contact him/her. If he/she cannot be contacted, a reserve in the same category or lower should be found (following the rules above, unless the allocated reserves live too far away). If the player/reserve is not on court by 20 minutes after the start time, their team will concede the first 4 games, if the player has not arrived by 35 minutes after the start time they will concede the first match 8-0.This continues in 15 minute intervals conceding 4 games each 15 minutes.



A match can be postponed before play starts, or abandoned after play has started, only if both team leaders agree conditions are unfit. If a match is abandoned after 2 rounds are completed, then the score after 2 rounds is ratio-ed up (multiplied by 1.5)to give a final result. If it is abandoned before 2 rounds are completed, the match should be re-arranged (played from scratch as if it were postponed before play started).



The team leaders have three weeks from the original date of the match to agree a new date for the match to be played and tell the Tournament Committee. If a reserve is needed then the allocated reserves for the original match should be used if available. Team leaders should get confirmation from their team that they are available to play on the new date. If no date is agreed within three weeks, the committee will set the date and tell the team leaders.



If you have questions, comments or feedback, please contact Sarah George on:-

sarahgeorgexx@gmail.com      01722 323300 07598 230644