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Riverside has always been run by volunteers and the committee is made up of hard working, passionate club members. The main committee meets roughly every six weeks to make decisions on a variety of matters and to ensure the club runs smoothly.  

Chairperson:  Louise Chappell-Cary

Secretary:  Gill Winter

Treasurer:  Sal Etherington

Membership Secretary:  Hilary Thomas

Match Secretary:  Liz White

Marketing Lead:  Mike Barry

House and Gronds Lead:  Liz White

Coordinator:  Carolyn Barry

Committee Member:  Ken Isaacs

President:  Keith Chapman

Tournament Committee

The tournament committee do a fantastic job making it easy for club members to participate in club tournaments. They run the club championships, floodlight league and a wide range of other enjoyable tournaments throughout the year.

Sal Etherington

Hilary Thomas

Sarah George



The selection committee meets at the beginning of every season to select the squads for each team.

Liz White

Mike Barry

Nick Stamp

Hilary Thomas

Sally Armitage

Ken Isaac

Carolyn Barry


These people have volunteered to run social events at the club.

Gill Winter

Mike Winter

Jane Cox

George Ryan

Development Committee

A relatively new committee focused on pushing the club forwards with new projects.

Carolyn Barry

Craig Wensley

Karina Weedon

Steve Archer

John Barry

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