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Our internal Floodlight League competition is a popular way for members of Riverside to play competitive yet fun tennis throughout the winter! 


League 2019/20


Floodlight League 2019/20

Riverside runs an annual winter closed tournament called The Floodlight League. It is played on Monday and Tuesday evenings from October till March.  It includes players from all abilities divided in teams of four – A, B, C and D players.  On the day there are three rounds to be played, each round consisting of two sets of doubles.

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Procedure For Floodlight League Matches

START TIME Please arrive by 6.45 so that play can start at 7.00 pm

ORDER OF PLAY (Each match, one set with a tie-break at 6-all.) 1st round AC v AC BD v BD 2nd round AD v AD BC v BC 3rd round AB v AB CD v CD TEAM LEADERS (boxed names on team sheet or delegated deputy if team leader absent). The team leaders should:

  • Open the clubhouse

  • Switch the floodlights on and off, as soon as play on a court has finished.

  • Collect £4 (£3 for junior) from each team member. Put it in an envelope, stating which match it is for, and leave it in the safe.

  • Fill out scoresheet. At end of match, sign it, and leave it in the designated pigeon box below the tournament board.

  • Make sure that the lights are switched off and the clubhouse is locked at the end of the evening.

RESERVES Hopefully you won’t require any replacements, however if you do need one, it is your responsibility (not your team leader’s) to arrange a replacement. The Tournament Committee have provided a list of allocated reserves for each floodlight league date.

If you require a replacement you should:

  • In the first instance, ask the 1st reserve for your category for that date - see the allocated reserve list.

  • If the 1st reserve cannot replace you, contact the 2nd reserve on the allocated reserve list.

  • If they cannot play either, then you should contact any reserve in your category.

  • If there is no reserve available, then you can ask any individual from same category or lower (assuming they don’t have their own match that night).

  • When you have arranged a replacement, please notify your team leader.

The Tournament Committee will monitor replacements to ensure that reserves are being selected using the above procedure. If not, the Tournament Committee will take what they deem to be appropriate action and may deduct points from teams in breach of these procedures.

POSTPONEMENTS A match can be postponed only if both team leaders agree conditions are unfit. The two team leaders will have three weeks from the date of a postponed match to agree a new date for the match to be played and inform the Tournament Committee. If no date is agreed within three weeks, the tournament committee will set the date and inform the team leaders. COMMENTS If you have comments or feedback, please speak to one of the Tournament Committee: Philippa Bell, Sarah George, Sal Etherington, Chris Hewitt.