British Tennis Membership

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We thought it would be useful to explain a bit about British Tennis Membership!  Lite Membership and Child Membership are both free for Club Members and will give you access to:

1.  Riverside's Club Wimbledon Ticket Ballot

2.  A Rating to enable you to play in LTA Competitions

3.  A regular newsletter about British Tennis

Other categories are available to buy with great benefits and more info can be found on the LTA's website.


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To be eligible for any club Wimbledon Ballot, members need to meet all of the following requirements:

1.  Be a British Tennis Member on the LTA's Deadline Date (14 February)

2.  Be "opted in" to the Wimbledon Ballot on their BTM Profile.

3.  Be a Club Member on the deadline date for opting in.

4.  Be a Club Member on the date of the Club's Wimbledon Ballot.

5.  Be 11 years of age or over.

Lite Membership is free for  adult and junior Club Members aged over 11 years.

Child Membership is free for Riverside members aged 10 or under.