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Wingfield Net

Since I first heard about the Wingfield smart net around two years ago I've always wanted to bring the technology to Riverside. As both a coach and a player - easy access to in-depth stats, video footage and engaging drill modes really appeals. I'm delighted to announce that we now have our very own Wingfield smart court at Riverside!

So what exactly does the Wingfield net do and how do you use it? Before you use the net you must download the app and set up your profile. Its not overly complicated but it's important as you will view almost all of your data and videos via the app, but more on that later on. Once you have made your profile you can press 'Self Check In' on the app and a QR code will appear which you can then scan into the camera on the net in order to sign in.

Once you're signed in it's important you pick the right mode depending on what you want to do. There are four main options here - Free play, Match Mode, Drill Mode and Video Only.

Free Play

I would recommend free play mode if you are either just warming up/rallying or doing a hitting drill which isn't on the drill mode. This will give you information such as how fast your shots are, where they landed, how many shots you got in/missed, longest rally, net clearance and more. It will also show you a video of your session. This is a great mode to use first to check out some of the features.

Drill Mode

My favourite mode. There are a selection of one and two player drills to choose from. Each drill mode gives you an accuracy score based on how close each shot landed to the specified target area and also a speed score based on how fast the ball was moving. Two player modes such as hitting forehand to forehand cross court will give you an overall team score and also an individual score. One player modes will only register shots from one side of the net so players can hit shots fed by a coach, ball machine or try out the serve drills.

Match Mode

Being able to see replays of your match along with a detailed breakdown of your stats used to be reserved for the pros - but not anymore! Analysing data and video from matches can help you better understand where your game is at and what you need to do to improve. Match mode currently only works for singles matches but there are plans to bring in a doubles mode in the future.

Video Only

Don't want the stats but want to see what you look like when you're playing? This is the mode for you. This is a great mode to use when trying to make changes to your technique or when trying to make Alcaraz style highlight reels. If playing a doubles match this is also probably the best mode.

Climb the Leaderboards

See how your game stacks up against other users both at the club and across the world. There are leaderboards for every drill mode as well as distance covered, total shots hit and longest rally.

We've only had the Wingfield at the club for around two weeks now but it's already proving to be a big hit. Make sure you give it a try next time you're at the club!


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