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Floodlight Project 


The recent floodlighting project saw new floodlights be added to courts 7/8. We also converted the lights on courts 1-6 to LED's, which give off more light for improved visibility, are cheaper to run and can turn on and off instantly. With the increase in membership, coaching numbers and no considerable drop off in participation in the winter months the demand on the six floodlight courts was considerable. The two additional courts being floodlight has already made a massive difference.


The project was funded through an LTA loan, members’ loans, a small grant from Wiltshire Council (with a possible additional grant from Salisbury City Council still to be reviewed) and a small amount from club funds. The decision to proceed was taken following the production of a couple of ten year financial forecasts; one assuming good membership growth and the other with more pessimistic assumptions where membership decreases and costs spiral. In both scenarios the club can afford to comfortably repay the loans as well as retaining funds to resurface Courts 5 & 6 in the near future.


The financial projections also showed us that, because of the huge rise in electricity prices (LEDs use 50% less electricity than Halogen lamps), and the expected maintenance costs needed to prop up our old floodlights, phasing the conversion would actually cost us an estimated £15000 more over the next few years! Another factor in our decision to proceed with both projects is the additional income we will be able to generate from providing 2000 more usable floodlight hours during the winter as well as the opportunity to provide better winter play for our members, e.g. floodlight league at popular times.


I’d like to thank the Development Committee for getting us to this position, which I know has involved an awful lot of work behind the scenes. We also would not be able to complete this project without the generosity of members and parents of junior members who have agreed to provide the loans, and so a huge thank you goes to them too. This is Riverside at its best.


Our new courts, the recent carpeting of Court 4 and this latest development shows our commitment to keep improving and to fulfil our vision of being the leading tennis option in the Salisbury area.

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