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Road To 1 ATP Point

The Road To 1 ATP Point is a series I have been meaning to share with you guys for quite a while now. It documents the journey of aspiring professional player, Felix Mischker, who is on the journey to achieve a professional ranking.

The series provides a fascinating insight into the training, competition, cost and general day to day life of aspiring pro players like Felix. His trips to the Mouratoglu academy in France as well as a high performance training centre in Switzerland are examples of the varied content in the series.

One of the reasons I like the series so much is because it highlights the ownership that aspiring players are required to have over their own game. A lot of the time they are the ones who have to analyse their own matches, figure out what they need to do to take their game to the next level, find the right coaches/physios/personal trainers and hitting partners all whilst operating on a budget. It’s a world that is a long way from the top players who employ full teams of professionals to tour with them - but that creates a sense of journey. It’s that sense of reality which makes this series so watchable.

If you are interested in playing competitions yourself or have kids that would like to compete then check out our competition guide! It has lots of information regarding the level of competitions you should enter as well as how to sign up to the LTA. If you have any questions then feel free to ask out coaching team who are more than happy to help!


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