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Bounce - The Future Of Tennis Ball Storage?

For seasoned tennis players, the feeling of cracking open a new tube of balls is unrivalled. From the sound it makes to the distinctive smell of a freshly opened can, it’s an acquired taste but one that many come to love.

However, opening a new tube of balls every time you hit is pretty expensive and not great for the environment. The main problem for players is the amount of pressure the balls can lose between sessions, in-fact balls lose more pressure when just sitting around for a few weeks than they do when actually being bashed around.

‘Bounce’ - a kickstarter company launching on June 2nd, aims to reduce the pressure lost between sessions to help extend the lifespan of a tube of balls. At the end of your game you put the balls into the bounce tube and an integrated pump will re-pressurise the tube meaning that the balls don’t lose pressure between uses.

The Bounce pressurised tube.

Bounce claim that their tubes can remain fully pressurised for several weeks which in turn extends the lifespan of balls by 3-5 times, a claim that has been supported by the World Padel Tour and AFT France.

"The Bounce tube will soon be part of the basic equipment of the responsible tennis or padel player, just like the reusable water bottle had replaced the traditional plastic one" - LEcho

Through my research I haven’t been able to find out what they are going to be priced at. A company called PressureBall, seem to have a similar product which is priced at $44 for a tube and pump which isn’t integrated.

The PressureBall tube and pump.

Could this be an essential in any keen tennis players bag sometime soon? Only time will tell but the concept is definitely intriguing. If you want to find more information about either of these products go to the links below:


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