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Would you like to know how to keep the cost of your membership low?  Well, here's how you can do it!

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Volunteering Activities!

Firstly, did you know that our club is run mainly by its volunteer members?  

Here's just some of what goes on:

  • Budgeting, fee collection and project finance eg new courts

  • Membership growth, communication, satisfaction, website and renewals

  • Maintenance and repair of courts, grounds and clubhouse

  • Organising eg tournaments, ladders, matches, club play sessions and social

  • Administration eg liaising with LTA/local government,  completing grant applications, designing posters/leaflets, buying at the best price eg balls and nets

  • Advertising and marketing of club, events, coaching etc....

  • Helping with social events - devising quizzes and treasure hunts, making cakes, leading walks etc......

That's a lot of unpaid volunteer hours and adds up to a huge saving for the club!   This is how we manage to keep our fees so low despite offering so much for our members!






What skills are we looking for?

Everyone can help! 


A lot of the tasks we need help with do not require any specialist skills - just enthusiasm and a desire to get stuck in!  For instance, last month a group of us got together to lay the new gravel path leading to the new courts.


Additionally,  if you have specialist skills and/or knowledge which you are happy to offer the club from time to time, we'd love to hear from you.  The sort of areas we're thinking of include legal, surveying, marketing, IT, journalism, engineering, commercial experience, baking, graphic design, architecture, photography, horticulture, etc.....


Incident Report Form

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