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Our current guidelines for dealing with Coronavirus at the club are set out below.  We will be reviewing the advice regularly and updating this page as we do.

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The restrictions mean that we can resume all the tennis activites we were able to do before lockdown; these are detailed below and the LTA's summary poster for all tiers can be viewed by clicking here. 



Following revised guidance from the LTA and the Government, we have agreed that tennis at Riverside will take place as follows:

  • Both singles and doubles play is now permitted with people from outside of your household, as long as you remain 2 metre apart as far as possible – meaning that four people from different households can now play doubles. 

  • INFORMAL SOCIAL PLAY.   For informal social play, from Monday 29 March group size is limited to a maximum of six people by law. This means you can play tennis providing people only meet up with no more than 5 other people from different households and observe social distancing guidelines. People should not go to a tennis venue socially in groups of more than six.

  • Organised Club Play and Organised Leisure Play is permitted – these are currently bookable from the website and organised by Kim Chester. These sessions are organised following the LTA Event Template which can be viewed hereThe government has confirmed that organised activity for larger groups, including coached sessions, club nights and competitions is permitted as an exception to the limit of six, provided the activity is in accordance with the COVID-19 Secure guidelines published by the LTA for venues, coaches, players and competitions. The Government has made it clear that organised larger group tennis activity is only permitted where this is the case

  • Players are not permitted to congregate on or around the courts before and after play.

  • The main Club House will be closed but one toilet will be open for emergency use only. 

  • Please abide by the general government advice on the spread of coronavirus which you can see by visiting website.   If you have a cough, cold or are feeling unwell in any way,  please do not come to the club.

  • If someone who has played at Riverside develops symptoms of COVID-19, they should be directed to follow the Government’s “test and trace” guidelines available from the website.

Please remember that all players need to take responsibility for their own safety as well the safety of their opponents, partners and coaches at all times by respecting the social distancing and the following guidelines.


  • The Club House is closed but one toilet will be open for emergencies.

  •  The First Aid Box is stored in a box which is placed outside the sheds behind Court 3; hand sanitisers and wipes are also be stored in this box although they are also available at the Court Gates.

  • The courts are open from 7.30 am until 10pm. 

  • Hand hygiene is imperative – use alcohol gel to clean your hands after touching any shared surface.


 Courts must be booked in advance using our online Clubspark system which is accessible from our website or by clicking here..  You will need to sign in or register with Clubspark to do this (very simple and the system will lead you through this!)


  •    All courts are now bookable & Courts 5 & 6 are available for “Pay and Play” sometimes.


  •   Peak and Off-Peak times remain the same.



  •    You can play either singles or doubles with people outside of your household, as long as you remain 2 metres apart as far as possible – meaning that 4 people from different households can now play doubles.

  •    You must only play with the people you have booked to play with – you must not interchange with other court bookings.

  •   You should arrive and leave promptly.  Do not arrive early or stop for a chat after your game.  If you wish to chat , please go to the park over the road!

  • Do not enter or leave the court at the same time as the previous/next players – wait in the Car or on the Court if necessary.


  • Please bring your own tennis balls.  Each member can collect a tube of balls from Carolyn’s house (11 Moberly Road, SP1 3BZ)).  When the balls have worn out, please bring them back to receive a new tube; these will then be put in the coaching baskets/sold to schools as usual.

  •    Balls from neighbouring court should be returned promptly – again without touching them.

  •    You must keep the required 2 metres apart at all times.

  •  You must bring your own equipment and only take the minimum amount of stuff onto the court e.g. drink, towel, spare racket.   Do not share rackets, grips etc..

  •  Please avoid touching anything, as far as possible.  Net measuring sticks and benches have all been removed.  If you wind up the net, please remember to wipe the net winder.

  •  Avoid chasing balls down to another court if other players are using it.

  •  For doubles, consider agreeing to play the point again, if a player would clearly have to breach social distancing guidelines to hit the ball and was in a position to play it.

  •   Please remember to bring your own drink.


  • Where attendance of a parent/guardian (non-participant) is required, or a carer for a disabled player, it is permitted, but should be off court and limited to one per player where possible

  • Spectators are not permitted.


  • Email to be sent to all members to advise them that club will be closed for a few hours and that someone has tested positive (no names).

  • Track and Trace using Clubspark will be implemented.



Riverside's Covid Risk Assessment is regularly updated and can be viewed here.


It is critical that we all comply with these restrictions as otherwise it will threaten our ability to remain open.  We will be undertaking “spot checks” to enforce compliance.